Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Plein air Sunday 1 March

Autumn is upon us. I note that the willows have all gone golden up the Maitai, and some have almost half their leaves gone too. One strong wind and it's all over for them.

Branford Park is turning now, but it will be a couple of weeks at least before it reaches it's full autumn glory.

I love the autumn colours. It allows me to put all the cadmiums on my palette.

As you probably are aware I'm a great believer in limiting myself to three primaries for most of my work, but autumn is different. Autumn is special. Touches of pure pigment straight from the tube. Yum!

I will write some time soon about the joy of paint, and the seduction of colour.

For now I will only mention in passing that today when I was painting the glorious flower beds in the Queens Gardens I really really missed my dioxidine purple. I haven't thought about that colour for nearly a year. Last autumn actually.

So there you are. We will meet in the Rose Garden on Sunday, 2pm, and look for the last of this summer's blooms...

- "Rose Garden, in the Queen's Gardens".

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