Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Painting on location can be unnecessarily painful.

Sigh. Because it is summer, and because I was painting locally, i.e. in our valley, and because I had been wandering around our place in shorts and sandals, I did not bother to get changed into my normal painting clothes of jeans and boots.
Not a good idea. Within ten minutes of starting on this painting I was swatting away sand flies. I persevered because I am a man and therefore a bit thick at times. After half an hour I was in no doubt that the afternoon would only get worse. I was right.
I'm a bit pleased with myself that I managed to finish the painting, although at the end I was hopping from one foot to the other in a sort of frenetic dance, brush in one hand and swatting flies with my palette in the other.
On the other hand I'm more than a little irritated for putting myself in a painful but easily avoidable situation.
Painting outdoors? Simple rule of thumb. This is no time to work on your tan. The only exposed skin should be your face. And hands if you are not wearing gloves.

Cheers, Ross

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