Sunday, 28 December 2014


The Plein Air Painters of Nelson.

2015 is upon us.
Much has changed, as all things can and do, change.
One thing that has changed is PAPON.

It began as an opportunity for artists who wanted to paint outdoors to meet once a week, usually 2 am Sunday afternoon, and paint together at a selected location for a couple of hours. It also ran an annual exhibition of plein air painting, and the occasional awards and competition.

PAPON will continue to exist, but the scheduled meetings will be more occasional. There will be an annual exhibition of plein air painting, but it will no longer be at the Suter, at least for several years to come.

I have not been able to come painting every Sunday for some time now, and I have withdrawn from the Saturday Market in Nelson. I have been travelling and painting in NZ and overseas continually over the past couple of years. Since this will continue in the future, I can no longer meet these commitments.

From now on, most of my interaction with fellow artists will have to be online, with the occasional painting session, some workshops, and exhibitions.

Hence this blog.

You may have noticed that I am a passionate believer in the pleasure and benefits from regular plain air painting sessions to landscape painters.
The aim of this blog is to inform and support those who wish to meet and paint en plein air.
It will give practical tips, discuss issues, arrange painting sessions, organise exhibitions.

Unlike my other blog, rosswhitlockdailypainter , this is not a personal diary, nor is it intended to be a one man band.

I welcome comments, and articles. If readers wish to supply any articles or arrange meetings they can either use the comment facility or email me directly, and I will post it for them.

Today I will email those who have been interested in PAPON in the past, to welcome them to this new blog. It is as much theirs as mine.

Long live the new PAPON.

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