Sunday, 18 January 2015

First painting Sunday of 2015

There was a good turnout for the first painting Sunday of this year. We had four gentlemen, two ladies, and two apologies. Not too bad after such a long time, and poor weather.

We painted in the shade in Branford Park. Afterwards we had a cup of tea and and a meeting at my studio. Details will be promulgated in this and subsequent posts in the weeks ahead.

We are in for a very exciting and productive year.

I will continue to send emails for this month, and perhaps every month or so after that, but then this blog will become the main avenue of communication between members. I welcome your contributions. Just email them to me and I will post them.

I am aiming to have two posts a week. The first one will deal with pleinair and PAPON issues, and the second with the coming 'Painting on Sunday.'

This year we intend to run 'Painting on Sunday' all year. On the other hand, we will only be painting in and around Nelson. Venturing further afield will be something for mid week.

I will not be available every Sunday this year as I will be travelling both around NZ and abroad from time to time. The convener for those Sundays will be named in that week's blog post.

Mid week ventures.

These are more adventurous, and you may want company. One way is to give me the details and I will post them on this blog. For instance, I painted the Jamie Seddon last Thursday in Motueka.

I could have blogged this last week:

"Hi all. I'm painting in Motueka this Thursday. Leaving about 10am. Returning about 4 pm. Those interested in joining me email me at rosswhitlock@ and we can arrange to meet. eg WOW car park 10am"

Ok. That's it for now. Please email me your comments and suggestions. A
Kind regards, keep in touch.


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