Monday, 26 January 2015

Sunday in the Queens Gardens

I must apologise.
I'm running into some unanticipated problems running two blogs.
I find that sometimes I am inadvertently posting my daily painting blog onto the PAPON blog.
Bother. Never mind.

Here is the correct Sunday post.

We met in the Queens Gardens at 2pm. It was another scorcher, but fortunately there was plenty of shade. Again, there were six people painting, but a different group from last Sunday.

That gives us ten occasional painters and that is good. As long as there is a perceived need and interest then PAPON will continue.

"Kite Surfers at Tahunanui." Oil on panel. 6x8in.

I have already posted the fountain painting in my previous post. This one was painted earlier in the week. It was another hot day, with a sea breeze building. No wonder there were so many kite surfers. I counted about twenty, with more arriving as I left.

I would like to post other members paintings in this blog. Please send them to me by email, with details as to size and media.

It looks as if next Sunday it will be raining. Probably because it is a holiday weekend. I will be over at Golden Bay, painting at Wharariki. Alternative arrangements can be made if people want this.

Email me with suggestions.

Cheers. Ross

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