Tuesday, 13 January 2015

This coming Sunday. 18th Jan

Well, it's been a long time coming but our first meeting of the year is upon us. Remember, we will be meeting at 2pm at the small pavilion on the right as you come into the valley.
We may not paint there. Today's painting is of the cricket ground, another kilometre along on the left. If you see this before you see the group then you have gone too far. Heh.

Bring your gear, and looking at the weather forecast that could include rain gear. No problem. If it rains too hard you can stand in the shelter and watch me wrestle with my gear and laugh. Even so, plein air painters always manage in the wind and rain. I'll show you how. I hope.

After the painting session we can adjourn to my place for tea and planning. I have some ideas to lay before you, for your approval. In turn I expect that there will be things you want from PAPON and we will try to organise for that.

The Suter has gone. We now have to prepare for a very different next few years. They will be fun. And you can become the painter you always wanted to be.

Kindest regards to you all. Funny enough, I always think of you when I'm out there, brush in hand. We plein air painters are a very special precious breed...


15014. "Maitai Cricket Ground" (with dog-walker, and daisies)
Oil on panel. 6x8 in.

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