Saturday, 31 January 2015

Rainy day

Hi all,

Because we could see the rain coming in Hil and I did not linger in Golden Bay, but dropped the tent while it was still dry, and came home last night.
That was good, as we have a lot to do here preparing the house to get the floors sanded. Enough said. Whew !

Being here today I was able to go to the pavilion in Branford park. I was there at 2pm. The rain was easing then. No one else turned up. No problem. All is good.

Previously I had extended an invitation to anyone who want to see plein air painting in the rain to come to Branford Park. No one did. That is cool. It is supposed to be fun, and not everyone enjoys painting in the rain. Cheers!

In future, if it rains, I will go to wherever we arranged, and wait a few minutes. If no one turns up I'll just head off and do my own thing. The thing is, on wet days there are places you can stand and paint, but that is very much a question of personal preference. Much more sensible to stay at home. (I'm not sensible. Grin. I'm a pleinair painter.)

If you want to come out and experience rainy day painting phone or text me on 027 285 4697 and we can arrange to meet. Or if you arrive and I've already gone, phone or text and I'll tell you where I am.

In my experience the weather in Nelson is generally kind up until mid year. Hope to see you next Sunday. Venue yet to be determined.

Regards, Ross.

Painted on a rainy day at home. Not entirely a plein air painting as I was looking out the lounge window...

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